The very first thing I felt the need to do was to put the original trunk back on the car. The trunk that was on the car was a CSL Style Slek. The fit was not so great, but the paint on it was not bad. It had that IND style fade into the carbon peak at the top of the lip, but it just wasn't my style.

I'm a sucker for the OE trunk with a simple BMW Performance lip spoiler. That meant that I needed to first take the Slek off, re-route the wiring, and get a new emblem and center tail light to make it fresh and return to "like new" quality.

This is the removal of the Slek trunk and reinstall of OEM BMW:

Parts Needed to Repair Trunk:

All from Get BMW Parts:

New Trunk Emblem From ECS Tuning:

Then I needed to remove the OE lip spoiler and polish:

Products Used:

OG Plate Frame in Black

Car modifications