I recently got my car back from PSI in Winter Park, FL. Sean, Garret, RC, and the guys at PSI are awesome. I’m not too keen on dropping my car off to have stuff done, but they ensured I need not worry. They were right.

I got the following done:

K&N Filters: I chose these instead of BMC this time. It saves me $100 and they are pretty much the same thing.

M Performance Black Grill Surrounds and Gills: The car looks so much better without the Chrome. Everything matches now.

IND Painted Reflectors: I was expecting to hate them as Mineral White is so hard to match. The metallic/pearl effect does make them look a tiny bit off from certain angles sometimes, but I’m really pleased. They look fine.

IND Painted Rear Reflectors: I really wasn’t sure about these. I don’t really hate the red rear reflectors. I thought I’d end up pulling these off, but I really like them. The match is just as good as the front. Pretty darn close…

IND Painted Keyhole Cover: Same story here, not bad. If it’s acceptable to me, a complete OCD freak, then most people will be more than happy with the match.

M Performance Trunk Lid Spoiler: I wish it was a tad bit thinner width wise, but it generally looks awesome. The guys at PSI know how I am, so they brought in special reinforcements to get it dialed in perfectly for me. These guys don’t do things twice. Once and done!

IND Painted License Plate Frame: I’m probably going to take this off. I always want to like frames and end up ditching them. Something just doesn’t look right having a frame. I’m leaving it on to see if it grows on me.

KW Height Adjustable Springs: I have the adaptive suspension, so I didn’t want to mess with EDC delete. I loved my KW HAS on my E92. It gives me flexibility on ride heights, and rides much like stock with its progressive springs. I’m very happy with it.

I do feel as though this car doesn’t respond as well to lowering as my E92. I get a hint of understeer now. I will probably raise the rear up just a tad. For reference, I have the front and rear lowered to the maximum. The KW Kit doesn’t allow for massive drops, so it works for me.

Turner 15mm Spacers F/R: I think I’m going to swap for a 12mm in the rear. The car looks so much better with spacers, but 15mm has a tiny poke that I don’t like.