If you aren’t familiar, the exhaust on the 991 GT3 is different than other 911s. When you press the Sport Exhaust button, it really doesn’t change the sound much below about 4,000 RPMs. So the car sounds really pedestrian while driving around town and opens up above that.

In my constant need to mess with stuff, I decided to disconnect the valves to see what the car would sound like. It took all of about five minutes to jack the car up and pull the rubber hoses off. With the lines disconnected, the valves are in an always open mode regardless of throttle input. The downside is that the Sport Exhaust button doesn’t work any longer.

Being the hooligan that I am, I want more aggression at normal operating RPMs. Also it annoys me that the valves are opening and closing all of the time. I want to be able to open them or close them when I push the button.

So after disconnecting the valves to force them open all of the time, I know why Porsche has created the valve system this way. There is just enough drone at lower RPMs to be annoying. It sounds good, but there is a tad too much drone for my liking.

I’m still hoping someone comes out with a valved solution that allows the Sport Exhaust button to fully open or fully close the valves. iPE allows you to do this, but you need to use a separate key fob. For the time being, I’m going to reconnect the lines and get the Sharkwerks bypass.